Independent label: American; a Disco music label, owned by Dave Miller and Marty Wilson. D and M Sound seems to have made just a handful of records in the States, and only one of its singles crossed the Atlantic: Camp Galore's 'Ballin' The Jack' (IDM-5003), which came out in 1976 and was pressed by Damont. The catalogue number of that single seems to have been a reflection of its American number, 75-5003, not an indication that there were any others in the IDM-5000 series.  There was also a Disco album released over here: 'Move It', by the Great Majority (DML-1). Distribution was by Selecta. Thanks to Robert Lyons for th info. 

75 Vast Majority Love For Sale (USA) D & M DJ75 5001
75 Vast Majority Love For Sale (USA) D & M 75 5002
75 Camp Galore  Ballin' The Jack  D & M IDM 5003

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