Independent label: Dart began life in 1971 as D'Art with Tin Can Alley's 'Funky World' (ART-2001) as its first release, it dropped the apostrophe at some point between ART-2017 and 2026 and by 1973 had become just plain Dart - if the word 'plain' can be used to describe something which is pink with white spots. During the first six or so years of its existence Dart issued sixty-odd singles without ever registering in the charts; though as Eddie Hutchinson points out, Reparata's 'Shoes' entered the Top 50 partly on Dart and partly on Polydor, staying for two weeks and reaching the No.43 spot. After a gap of some four years it put out a final single in 1981.  The company's product seems to have covered most of the musical spectrum, from the Disco / Soul of the Outriders to the Heavy Metal of the Incredible Hog, with a fair number of Pop and Novelty items thrown in. Pressing and distribution were by RCA for most of the label's life, though President took over the responsibility for manufacture late on.  There were no Dart company sleeves, but promos occasionally had a special sleeve. One curiosity is the injection-moulded version of the Reparata single 'Shoes', which I mentioned above: it was pressed and distributed by Polydor / Phonodisc, and was numbered in Polydor's 2066 series; it also appeared on Polydor, with exactly the same catalogue number. The single's release was delayed because of a legal dispute over who had the right to use the name 'Reparata' - a member of the singer's old backing band, The Delrons, wanted to use it - and by the time the dispute was settled Polydor had also acquired the rights to the song.  Presumably the two companies came to an agreement, and the Polydor version of Dart was the result of it. Dart seems to have been in the course of changing distributors at that time. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Tin Can Alley Same Old Thing D'ART ART 2001
71 Hard Horse Let It Ride D'ART ART 2002
71 Cottage Eleanor D'ART ART 2003
71 Nature'S Children Gonna Hold On To You D'ART ART 2004
72 Mighty Love We'Ve Gotta Live With One Another D'ART ART 2005
72 Reparata & Delrons Octopus'S Garden D'ART ART 2006
72 Filby Philip John David Mckenzie D'ART ART 2007
72 Richmond Candy Dora D'ART ART 2008
72 Tando Tony Maria Isabella D'ART ART 2009
72 Wheelin' Wilson & Carburettors Leader Of A Rock 'N' Roll Band D'ART ART 2010
72 Spade I'M Happy This Way D'ART ART 2011
72 Hard Horse So Long I'M Moving On D'ART ART 2012
72 Not Issued D'ART ART 2013
72 Rich Tea Sing Me Swing Me D'ART ART 2014
72 Blair Sandra IM Coming Home D'ART ART 2015
72 Melting Pot Beautiful World D'ART ART 2016
72 Shiva Legend Of Tutankhamum D'ART ART 2017
72 Muffin  Smoky Blues Eyes D'ART ART 2018
72 Abednego & Piccadilly Street Choir Goodbye Piccadilly DART ART 2019
72 Rich Tea Na Na Na-Everybody Sing DART ART 2020
72 Banzai No One Can Do It DART ART 2021
73 Hackett Johnny Raincoats On The River DART ART 2022
73 Bear Brothers Bondiago DART ART 2023
73 Emma Cot Loose DART ART 2024
73 Richmond Frightened DART ART 2025
73 Incredible Hog Lame DART ART 2026
73 Simon Kenny Is It Me DART ART 2027
73 Ravel Tony Wait Till Tomorrow DART ART 2028
73 C U B Watcha Gonna Do DART ART 2029
73 Brown Mel Get On Bye DART ART 2030
73 Richmond Raise Your Heads DART ART 2031
73 Milwaukee Youth Orchestra Beathoven Rag DART ART 2032
73 C U B I'M Going Home DART ART 2033
73 Crowne Judith Steamhammer DART ART 2034
73 Swining Blue Jeans Rainbow Morning DART ART 2035
73 52Nd Precinct Time Is Tight DART ART 2036
73 Rebel Johnnie Pistol Packin Mama DART ART 2037
73 Matthew Passion Company Director DART ART 2038
73 Cook Roger Noel Slick Go Getter DART ART 2039
73 Wong Wei Wei Sing Song Boat DART ART 2040
73 Hamilton David Diddy Have You Herd The News DART ART 2041
73 Mayer Sisters Donny Song DART ART 2042
74 Magee W C Sing Sing The Song DART ART 2043
74 Richmond Peaches DART ART 2044
74 Monsters Monsters Comics DART ART 2045
74 Swinging Blue Jeans Dancing DART ART 2046
74 Kydd Baby DART ART 2047
74 Dream Orchestra One Brief Summer DART ART 2048
74 Outriders Telegram Song DART ART 2049
74 Kydd Look At You Look At Me Look At Us DART ART 2050
74 Ost 'Ransom' End Title DART ART 2051
75 Kydd Voodoo Magic In The Night DART ART 2052
75 Patti & Patettes Bill DART ART 2053
75 Francis Lai Les Annees 1900 DART ART 2054
75 Sagoe Sally Little Bit Of Love DART ART 2055
75 Danova Danny La Balanga DART ART 2056
76 Reparata Your Life Is Gone DART ART 2057
76 Swinging Blue Jeans Hippy Hippy Shake DART ART 2058
76 Yakety Yak Keep On DART ART 2059
77 Lennard George  Zambisa DART ART 2060
77 Burton Mark Hey Puerto Rico DART ART 2061
77 Not Issued DART ART 2062
81 Jakpak Soul In The Box DART ART 2063
75 Reparata & The Delrons Shoes DART 2066 562

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