Independent label: Cysora record has all the hallmarks of the product of a custom recording company: its label is of simple design; it's an EP; and while the songs on it are famous, the artist performing them is someone you're probably not familiar with. It is possible that, as the Ora Pasco EP has the catalogue number CO-5, there were at least four other releases on Cysora. Presumably they were pressed in tiny quantities and were sold in the pubs or clubs in which the artists were performing.  Ora made at least one other EP for Tank Records, which was based near Stratford-on-Avon; these facts suggest that Cysora was based in the Midlands. Doubtless the company took half of its name from Ora, but where did the 'Cys' come from?  There is no date on the EP shown, but it looks Seventiesish. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Traced CYSORA CO 1
78 Not Traced CYSORA CO 2
78 Not Traced CYSORA CO 3
78 Not Traced CYSORA CO 4
78 Ora Pasco We´Re The Only People In The World (Ep) CYSORA CO 5

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