Cygnus One Records was a DIY label. It only released one record, 'Greeting Card', by Ozo.  It came out in October 1979, had a catalogue number of CO-1, was pressed in fluorescent yellow vinyl, and was distributed by Selecta.  Ozo was unusual in that the members of the group were all Buddhists; they had recorded a couple of albums and several singles for DJM in 1976-78, and had nearly got into the Singles Chart with the hypnotic, 'Anambra' (DJS-10764, 4/77), It seems possible that Cygnus One was set up by the group themselves when their contract with DJM expired.  They went on to make at least two more singles, 'Skintight' (SPS-01), and 'Spirits of Africa' for an equally ephemeral label, 'Sphinx', in 1982. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Ozo Greeting Card CYGNUS ONE  CO 1

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