Independent label: The catalogue series, CUSTOM-000, indicates its function - it was for custom-recorded products - but there is no indication of a company name on it.  I've filed it under 'Custom' because the label gives no clue as to what else it should be filed under.  Happily the words 'SRT CUSTOM' are scratched in the run-off of the Dave Green EP, revealing that it was made by SRT Records, of Finchley. SRT used SRT/CUS-000 or SRT/xx/CUS-000 numberings for its custom recordings from 1975, and they often came with plain labels; presumably the CUSTOM prefix on pressings such as the labels below. Dave Green, who appears on the EP shown below, had another custom record out on SRT in 1976, an album called 'I Sing The Songs' (SRTM/CUS-051). It would appear that not many records with 'CUSTOM-000' numbers were issued; 'CUSTOM-012' found so far. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 The Hopr Group He Gave Life CUSTOM CUSTOM 001
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 002
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 003
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 004
75 Dave Green Spanish Eyes CUSTOM CUSTOM 005
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 006
75 Terri & Tony Laura CUSTOM CUSTOM 007
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 008
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 009
75 Star With Peter Collins  Give It Up  CUSTOM SRT /CUSTOM 010
75 Not Traced CUSTOM CUSTOM 011
75 Irish Mist  Rosin The Bow (Album) CUSTOM SRT /CUSTOM 012

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