American.  Curtom was Curtis Mayfield's label; it was formed in 1968, and it was, unsurprisingly, dedicated to Soul music. Curtom products were initially handled by Buddah in the States; Warner took over distribution in 1975 and continued to carry out that task until the company stopped issuing records, in 1979. In Britain the Curtom label came on the scene in 1975, through WEA; its singles shared a numerical series with those of Warner Brothers.  It registered in the Singles Chart in 1975 with The Impressions', 'First Impressions' (K16638), and in 1978 with 'If My Friends Could See Me Now' by Linda Clifford (K-17163). During the Buddah era, Curtom products appeared on that label over here. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Natural Four Love's So Wonderful CURTOM  K 16583
75 Impressions First Impressions CURTOM  K 16638
75 Staple Singers Let's Do It Again CURTOM  K 16657
76 Notations Think Before You Stop CURTOM  K 16696
76 Leroy Hutson And The Free Spirit Symphony Feel The Spirit (In '76) CURTOM  K 16702
76 Impressions I Wish I'd Stayed In Bed CURTOM  K 16736
78 Clifford Linda From Now On CURTOM  K 17078
78 Clifford Linda If My Friends Could See Me Now CURTOM  K 17163

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