Independent Irish label: Cuchulainn Records Had addresses in both Derry and Dublin; its head office does however appear to have been in Derry, so it qualifies for this site.  Cuchulainn and its sister-label Flame (q.v.) were founded by Tony Johnson in 1972.  Flame was intended for Pop artists with a 'Modern international image', according to 'Music Week' of the 17th of November 1973, while Cuchulainn offered material that offered a more traditionally Irish slant.  The two labels were distributed by Meejay Records in the North, Meejay being another of Johnson's companies - his wife played a full part in running it, and it got its name from her initials.  Manufacture of Cuchulainn records appears to have been done by EMI's Irish plant, and in the 1970s the singles had catalogue numbers which were usually in a CCH-000 series.  CCH-006 had a plain green label instead of the 'Warrior' one.  The label operated until at least the mid '80s but it seems to have been more album-orientated after 1974. Distributed By EMI Records. 

72 Seamus Donnolly West Of The Old River Shannon CUCHULAINN CCH 001
72 Not Traced CUCHULAINN CCH 002
72 Tony Kearney Bloody Sunday CUCHULAINN CCH 003
72 Tony Kearney A Hundred Thousand Guns Flan Mac A Bhaird CUCHULAINN CCH 004
73 Seamus Donnelly And The Kentuckians Come Along Murphy CUCHULAINN CCH 005
73 The Saoirse Folk Of Derry A Tribute From Eamonn Lafferty CUCHULAINN CCH 006
74 Dolores Devine The Star Of Donegal CUCHULAINN CCHS 007
74 Hugh Mclean (Of The Envoys) The Rose Of Moray CUCHULAINN CCH 008
74 Geraldine The Ballad Of Drogheda CUCHULAINN CCH 009
73 Tony Kearney, Geraldine Mckeever Hang My Country (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1001
73 Geraldine Sing My Country Vol. 1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1002
73 Green Cross Ceili Band  Dance My Country Vol. 1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1003
73 Saoirse Folk [With Gerry O'Neill On Fiddle] My Country Folk Vol.1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1004
73 Saoirse Ireland Live On (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1005
74 Hugh Mclean & Evelyn Envoys Of Ireland  (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1006
74 Geraldine Sing My Country Vol. 2 CUCHULAINN CCHS 1007
75 Not Traced CUCHULAINN CCHS 1008
75 Green Cross Ceili Band Dance My Country Vol.2 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1009
75 Bill Quinn Land Of Song Vol. 1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1010
75 Pearse Plunkett Balladsheet One (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1011
75 Not Traced CUCHULAINN CCHS 1012
75 Ceóltoírí Loch An Óir My Country Folk Vol.2 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1013
75 Grog Traditional Songs Of Ulster (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1014
76 Janeczek Sisters Sing Around Munster Vol.1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1015
76 The Foyle Singers In Derry Vale (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1016
76 Travelling Folk, The The Travelling Folk Vol 1 (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1017
76 Frank Mooney My Ireland Of Dreams (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1018
76 Various Artists On Fiddle, Flutes And Pipes (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1019
76 The Four Provinces The Four Provinces (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1020
76 Not Traced CUCHULAINN CCHS 1021
76 Sláinte Songs And Music In The Irish Tradition (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1022
84 Rob O 'Dochartaigh  Fare Thee Well, Donegal (Album) CUCHULAINN CCHS 1023
84 Not Traced CUCHULAINN CCHS 1024
84 Robert Doherty Drop Off In Ballyporeen / Slievenamon CUCHULAINN CCH 1025
80 Geraldine Gorman And Our Lady Of Mercy Singers Sister Of Mercy CUCHULAINN CCH 1025

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