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 Independent label of CSS stand for Central Sound Studios which is located in Manchester. With an eight track analogue recording Studio in Manchester. Owned and run by Dave Christie and a business partner. Famous for the first Joy Division - Transmission session with Martin Hannett. CSS would appear to have been a custom-recording concern. Two of the records were EPs, and were issued in 1979; they both featured people who appear to be Cabaret / Club artists performing fairly middle-of-the-road material. CS-001 was an EP by Terry Reaney, the first track of which was called 'Tally Ho', while CS-003 was an EP by Ivan Dupree containing a Billy Joel medley and three other tracks. CS-002 was a single, 'Eastern Lady' by Rock band Snatch-Back, which also came out in 1979. ther was another single - presumably a Reggae single - by a band called Harlem Spirit, 'Dem A Sus', which was numbered CSS-006 and was issued in 1980.  At some point in 1980, Harlem Spirit got a distribution deal with EMI who then re-issued the “Dem A Sus” single in November of that year (EMI 5125). Numbering was in a CS-000 series: it seems that singles were sometimes given an extra 'S' in the prefix. Central Sound Studios Former Address: 91. St. James St. Manchester. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Terry Reaney Tally Ho CSS CS 001
79 Snatch-Back Eastern Lady  CSS CS 002
79 Ivan Dupree Billy Joel medley CSS CS 003
79 Not Traced CSS CS 004
79 Harlem Spirit Dem A Sus CSS CS 005
80 Not Traced   CSS CS 006
80 Double Dealer (Bob Ramsey Band) Keep On Runnin' CSS CS 007