independent label from 1979-80, run by the band Home Service from their base in Tottenham. Crystal Groove's first release was an EP by Home Service, featuring 'Wake up' and two other tracks (7E-1; 1979). It went on to issue at just more 7" records: a single by Home Service, and an EP by Orior (sic). Numbering was in a 7E-0 series; the solitary single was prefixed 7S. The label's output is reported to have had New Wave / Techno Pop leanings.  Home Service had another single out in 1981, 'Only Men Fall In Love', but it came out on the Situation Two label (SIT-6). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Home Service Wake Up CRYSTAL GROOVE 7E 1
79 Orior Elevation CRYSTAL GROOVE 7E 2
80 Home Service New Age Elite Corps CRYSTAL GROOVE 7S 3
80 Home Service  Only Men Fall In Lov CRYSTAL GROOVE 7S 4

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