Independent label: Crowmium Records was a A small and rather obscure label, reportedly with a Reggae / New Wave slant.  Crowmium seems to have managed just two records.  First was a 7" EP by Hotpoints, featuring 'Let It Rain' and four other tracks.  It had a catalogue number of CR-001 and came out either in 1977 or 1978 - there's no date on the label, and different sources give different years.  CR-002, a 12" single by Icarus called 'A Na Me Culture Dat', didn't appear until 1980. Distributed By Crowmium Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Hotpoints Let It Rain CROWMIUM  CR 001
80 Icarus A Na Me Culture Dat / Feel No Way (12") CROWMIUM  CR 002

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