Cromwell Records was a DIY Irish label. It managed 5 singles and one LP  and were released between 1973-75. It issued singles in an WELL-000 numerical series. The DOS 118 catalogue number suggests this was pressed by Dolphin Records. Distributed By Release and CBS Records. Cromwell was formed in the early 1971 as a quartet. By Singer Mick O'Hagan from Drogheda, Pat O'Hagan. Patrick Brady (guitar) and Michael Kiely (drums) were from Drumcondra in Dublin. All releases were on the band's own Cromwell label. Cromwell split sometime in the mid-1975 with the songwriting duo of Brady & Kiely forming The Establishment.

73 Cromwell Guinness Rock CROMWELL WELL 001
74 Cromwell Stomp Stomp Stomp (WELL 002) CROMWELL DOS 118
74 Cromwell Deal Me In CROMWELL WELL 003
75 Cromwell You Got It Made CROMWELL WELL 004
75 Cromwell At the Gallop (Album) CROMWELL WELL 005
75 Cromwell First Day CROMWELL WELL 006

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