Independent label: Criminal Records (a label allegedly half owned by Christopher Biggins?) Was a popular name for Punk / New Wave labels in the late 1970s: there were at least two of them, in addition to the more mainstream label run by David Simmons. This particular company came from Coventry. It seems to have run to at least two issues, both of which came out in 1978, and it used an SOL-0 numerical series.  Its first single, Punk Man' / 'Paperboy Song', by Stockport band Predator, had a separate number for each side - SOL-1 and SOL-2 - and was released on the 'Bust' label.  The V.I.P.s' 'Music For Funsters' (SOL-3), appeared on the Bust label to. The Predator was a Punk Bands Originally called Thin Ice was from Stockport. Band members Geoff Howarth on vocals, Martin Hughes on lead guitar, Ant Gerrard on rhythm guitar, Jeff Curtis on bass, Jere Randall on drums. Originally, Geoff Howarth had played bass, with Ian Hodgkinson on vocals and Paul Cooke on drums. The VIP's was Formed in 1978, and was from Warwick, Warwickshire. They Disbanded in 1981. Band Members were Jed Dmochowski (vocals, guitar), Guy Morley (guitar), Andrew Price (bass), Paul Shurey (drums). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Predator Punk Man CRIMINAL SOL 1/2
78 V.I.P.S Music For Funsters [ Ep ] CRIMINAL SOL 3

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