Crezent Records was a DIY label. It managed three singles, but there was apparently a gap of five years between the first and the second.  'Whispering Bells' b/w 'Sounds In Our Minds' by Rock 'n' Roll band Talisman was the first; it had a catalogue number of CRE-01 and came out in 1978.  That same year there was an album by the band, 'Sounds In Our Minds', but that was released on the Lightning label (LIP-5).  Two more tracks from the album formed Crezent's second single, 'Sound In Our Mind' b/w 'Old Railway Line', which was numbered CRE-001 and dates from September 1983; the single was credited to 'Switch Bac'.  The tracks were reportedly remixed, but Werner Breuer has mailed to say that there's no aural evidence of it - my thanks to him for that.  By the time CRE-002 appeared the band name had evolved to 'Switchbac'.  Tracks on that single were 'We Are Rockin'' and 'Raven'; there is a version of the former on the album - was the single a re-recording?  'Music Master' gives a date of February 1984 for that record and says that Pinnacle were responsible for its distribution.  By that time the labels were of the injection moulded variety. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Talisman Whispering Bells  CREZENT CRE 01
83 Switch Bac Sound In Our Mind  CREZENT CRE 001

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