DIY label, dedicated to releases by Rock 'n' Roll band Vernon & the G. I.'s. The band had a couple of singles and an album out on the Billy Goat label before striking out on their own, which they did in 1977. Catalogue numbers were in the VGI-0000s; later singles had a separate number for both sides. Four singles were released in 1977-78, the numbers 0003 and 0004 not being used. A fifth single came out in 2007 after the band got back together again. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Vernon And The G.I.'s G.I. Bop/Jim Dandy CREEPER VGI 0001
77 Vernon And The G.I.'s Be-Boppin' Baby/Jungle Rock CREEPER VGI 0002
78 Not Issued CREEPER VGI 0003/0004
78 Vernon And The G.I.'s Follow Me/Better Get Rockin' CREEPER VGI 0005/0006
78 Vernon And The G.I.'s Brand New Lover/All Night Long  CREEPER VGI 0007/0008
2007 Vernon And The G.I.'s Rockin' Shoes For Christmas/Tell Father Christmas (What I Want Him To Do) CREEPER VGI 0009/0010

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