American; out of Los Angeles. Cream bought Soul label Hi Records in 1976; starting in 1979 and continuing into at least 1984 the company reissued some of the Hi back-catalogue in Britain, on their own label.  The artists featured were Al Green, Joyce Cobb and Willie Mitchell, and at least seven single were issued, in an HCS-100 series. Pressing and distribution were by Pye / PRT. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Green Al Belle CREAM HCS 101
79 Al Green Tired Of Being Alone CREAM HCS 102
80 Cobb Joyce Dig The Gold CREAM HCS 103
80 Mitchell Willie That Driving Beat CREAM HCS 104
81 Cobb Joyce How Glad I Am CREAM HCS 105
81 Cobb Joyce It Really Doesn´T Matter CREAM HCS 106
84 Green Al Tierd Of Being Alone CREAM HCS 107

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