Independent label: Crazy Plane Records was a Soul, Punk and New Wave label of Wolverhampton formed by roller disco DJ Winston Burrell. It managed four singles. It issued singles in an SP-000 numerical series. The Little Winston was the first single, 'Come Back Baby' (SP-001; 1979). The label was a recording studio as well as a label. Little Winston, who owned Crazy Plane, was a local DJ.  A peculiarity of his single is that the light-blue labels have been pasted over a red label, Perhaps the people at Crazy Plane changed their mind about the original label design at some point, or got the single back from the pressing plant with an unwanted red label on it. The matrix number says that the side marked 'A' was in fact the 'B'-side, the 'AA' side being the proper 'A'-side. There appear to have been at least three other singles on Crazy Plane, if catalogue numbers are anything to go by. The second release was 'Mr. Fixit' by Cannock Punk band UXB (SP-002) Band members were, Col Bennett Guitar/Bass/Backing Vocals, Mark Read Guitar/Backing Vocal, Mick Turner Drums/Vocals, which was issued in 1980 and had an injection-moulded label. The fourth single, 'Once In A Blue Moon' by Subita & Emphasis (SP-004; 1981), which was also injection-moulded but was pressed in France. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Little Winston Time And Time Again CRAZY PLANE SP 001
80 U.X.B. Crazy Today CRAZY PLANE SP 002
80 Bleeding Hearts This Is The Way...Ok CRAZY PLANE SP 003
81 Subita & Emphasis  Once In A Blue Moon  CRAZY PLANE SP 004

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