Independent label: Crass Records was the record label of the Anarchist Punk band of the same name, Crass released most of its products in the early '80s. A couple of singles came out in 1979. Those singles were Crass's own, 'Reality Asylum' (521984), and Honey Bane's, 'You Can Be You' (521984/1). The numbering represented a countdown to the year 1984: 1980 records were prefixed 421984, 1981 ones 321984, and so on, until 1984, when Crass split up and their label closed down. The company was operated as a non-profit-making organization, with ideology, rather than money, being what mattered.  Rather unexpectedly, a record by Captain Sensible, 'This Is Your Captain Speaking' (321984-5; 1981), can be found in-between the more political releases by the likes of the Poison Girls and Flux Of Pink Indians. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Crass Reality Asylum CRASS 521984
79 Honey Bane You Can Be You [ Ep ] CRASS 521984 1

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