Crash Records was a DIY label. from 1979.  I had assumed that the '' on the 'A' side label of Vroom's 'Stock Car Racing Is Magic' b/w 'Symphony For Stocks' (DD-109; 1979) was a graphic illustration of the subject matter of the songs, but having seen a picture sleeve I now know better - the sleeve says that the single was produced by Nick Sherrif for Crash Records.  Bill Maynard Advertising Ltd. was the company behind the release, and the record was made through custom recording firm Denman Discs of Nottingham, whose logo features on the labels. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

76 Dave Betton Our Dave DENMAN DISCS DD 100
76 Jons Allstars Spanish Harlem DENMAN DISCS DD 101
76 Linda Collins Only Time/Stand By Your Man DENMAN DISCS DD 102
76 Rain This Is... Rain (Album) DENMAN DISCS DD 103
77 Johnny "Snowball" Le Roy He'll Have To Go DENMAN DISCS DD 104
77 David Whitfield, Carlton & District Male Voice Quoir Land Of Hope And Glory / When You Lose The One You Love DENMAN DISCS DD 105
77 Dave Betton At Your Request (Album) DENMAN DISCS DD 106
78 Al Thorne Yours In Song  DENMAN DISCS DD 107
78 Dick Pleasant Holiday In Hawaii  DENMAN DISCS DD 108
79 Bill Maynard, Vroom Stock Car Racing Is "Magic"  CRASH DD 109
81 The Lees Twins* Hold On Tight  DENMAN DISCS DD 109

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