Independent label: There must be very few who put no mention of the company's name on the label at all; but CP - if that was the company's name - was one of them.  There's not even a name on the picture sleeve which came with the EP. The company may have been called 'CPZ', or indeed it may have been called something that bore no relation to the catalogue number.  Whatever the company was, it issued at least one EP, 'The Organ Of Ludlow Parish Church' by Richard Francis, in 1972. The EP has all the appearances of a private pressing; given the usually parochial nature of such recordings, it seems safe to assume that whatever company made it was based not far from Ludlow.  The two sides had different catalogue numbers, CPZ-2606 and CPZ-2607. The form of the run-off legend (45-CPZ-2026-1K) suggests that Decca was responsible for the pressing. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 Richard Francis The Organ Of Ludlow Parish Church CP CPZ 2606/7

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