Independent Folk label from Daventry. Cottage was run by singer/songwriter John Golding; it started out in 1974 and doesn't appear to have lasted past 1983. It mainly issued albums, it also released at least a couple of EPs by The Occasional Few in the 1970s. A third EP, by the Green Tones Showband, followed in 1980.  For some reason the company's cottage logo was omitted from the first of the EP's labels, but it appeared on the others. LPs and EPs shared the same numerical series.  Cottage's numbering system was odd: instead of the last digit changing, the first one did - thus the first record was numbered COT-101, the second COT-201, the third COT-301, and so on.  When the first digit reached nine, the first digit of the next record went back to one and the second digit increased by one - thus COT-901 was followed by COT-111, then COT-211, COT-311, and so forth. 911 was followed by 121, and 921 by 131, etc, etc. COT-831, a 1983 album by the Green Tones Showband. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 John Golding  Discarded Verse (Album)   COTTAGE COT 101
75 Armpit Jug Band  No Sweat (Album)   COTTAGE COT 201
75 Not Traced COTTAGE COT 301
76 John Golding Another (Album) COTTAGE COT 401
76 Not Traced COTTAGE COT 501
76 Occasional Few  Occasional Few (Ep) COTTAGE COT 601
78 Lorna Campbell  Lorna Campbell Sings The Songs Of Ian Campbell (Album) COTTAGE COT 701
76 Mithras For We Trade In Fun  (Album)   COTTAGE COT 801
76 John & Chris Leslie  The Ship Of Time  (Album)   COTTAGE COT 901
76 Not Traced COTTAGE COT 111
76 Julie Mairs & Chris Stowell  Soft Sea Blue  (Album)   COTTAGE COT 211
77 Brandywine Bridge  The Grey Lady (Album)   COTTAGE COT 311
77 Sean Cannon The Roving Journey Man  (Album)  COTTAGE COT 411
77 Misty (Gbr 70S)  Misty  (Album)  COTTAGE COT 511
77 Occasional Few  Occasional Few Again (Ep) COTTAGE COT 611
77 Dave Totterdell  Whitby Bells  (Album)   COTTAGE COT 711
77 Graham & Eileen Pratt Clear Air Of The Day  (Album)   COTTAGE COT 811
77 Peeping Tom It Sends You Blind (Album)  COTTAGE COT 911

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