Cottage Records was a small independent label, from St. Ives, Cornwall.  Cottage seems to have managed just a couple of releases, which were numbered in the CRMS-0000s.  CRMS-0002 was an EP by Ted Wadley with The Elastic Band, which offered 'One Single Ear Of Corn' and 'The Birthday Of The Year' in addition to the two tracks shown on the scan.  Its sleeve advertises CRMS-0001, 'Memories In The Water', which presumably was by the same artists.  The cost of that record was 95p including postage, which gives us a 'not before' date of 1971, the year when decimalization took place.  Singles cost around 85p in 1979, so 95p for an EP plus postage suggests a date earlier than that.  In addition, CRMS-0002 was pressed by Orlake; the 'rough inner ring' around the spindle hole seems not to be found on Orlake pressings after 1979, which gives us a probable 'not after' year and enables us to confidently pin Cottage down to the '70s.  The second EP was made through Sentinel Records, of Penzance. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

76 Ted Wadley Memories In The Water COTTAGE CRMS 0001
77 Ted Wadley The Harvest Is In COTTAGE CRMS 0002

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