Cotillion was a subsidiary of Atlantic Records; it started life in the USA in 1969. In Britain its records came out on Atlantic during the 1970s, except for a comparatively short period, 1976-82, when the actual Cotillion label itself was used.  Cotillion singles shared a catalogue sequence with those of Atlantic over here, and were distributed by WEA. Its British releases appear to be typical late '70s American Disco records. From the spring of 1979 Cotillion was reduced to a logo on the Atlantic label, as far as the British Isles were concerned; it was during this merely-a-logo period that the company enjoyed its biggest successes, with Sister Sledge breaking into the UK Singles Chart four times during 1979-80. It did however reappear as a label in the early '80s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Luther It'S Good For My Soul COTILLION K 10781
76 Edwards John Baby Hold On COTILLION K 10817
77 Sister Sledge Cream Of The Crop COTILLION K 10876
77 Mass Production Welcome To Our World  COTILLION K 10898
77 Mass Production Wine Flow Disco COTILLION K 10966
77 Slave You And Me COTILLION K 10967
77 Mass Production I Believe In Music COTILLION K 11021
77 Slave Stellar Funk COTILLION K 11252
79 Sister Sledge He's The Greatest Dancer COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11257
79 Mass Production  Can't You See I'm Fired Up / Eyeballin' COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11284
79 Sister Sledge  We Are Family / Easier To Love COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11293
79 Sister Sledge Lost In Music  COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11337
79 Sister Sledge  Got To Love Somebody / Good Girl Now COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11404
80 Mass Production Shante COTILLION K 11475
80 Stacy Lattisaw  Jump To The Beat / You Don't Love Me Anymore COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11496
80 Blast C L I Wanna Get Down COTILLION K 11531
80 Sister Sledge Let's Go On Vacation  COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11548
81 Mass Production Diamond Chip COTILLION K 11598
81 Mass Production Gonna Make You Love Me COTILLION K 11601
81 Slave Feel My Love COTILLION K 11633
81 Slave Watching You COTILLION K 11645
81 Slave Watching You COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11645
81 Sister Sledge  All American Girls / Happy Feeling  COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11656
81 Stacy Lattisaw Love On A Two Way Street  COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11672
81 Sister Sledge HeŽS Just A Runaway COTILLION K 11676
82 Slave Wait For Me COTILLION K 11702
82 Sister Sledge My Guy COTILLION K 11710
82 Ronnie Dyson One More Chance For The Fool COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11720
82 Ronnie Dyson  One More Chance For The Fool / Foreplay COTILLION / ATLANTIC K 11720
82 Lattisaw Stacy SneakinŽOut COTILLION K 11770
82 Dyson Ronnie One More Chance COTILLION K 19136

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