Independent Reggae label: Cool Ghoul Records was run by Ricky Rennalls. Cool Ghoul managed a couple of 7" releases, both of them in 1978: Phantom's 'Lazy Fascist' (COOL-001) and 'Chant Down The National Front' by Blazing Sons (COOL-002). The label of the latter was red-and-white rather than blue-and-white. Four 12" singles followed, during the period 1983-85, initially numbered COOL-003 onwards. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Phantom Lazy Fascist COOL GHOUL COOL 1
78 Blazing Sons Chant Down The National Frount COOL GHOUL COOL 2
83 Ricky & Mutations Thatchar Rap COOL GHOUL COOL 3

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