Independent label: Contempo was owned by John Abbey, founder of 'Blues and Soul' magazine. Abbey had been responsible for selecting records to appear on Polydor's 'Mojo' Soul label, which expired in 1973. When Polydor failed to launch Mojo in the USA he launched his own label. Abbey started a record shop called Contempo Records, then started the record label itself in 1973. Contempo put out all kinds of Black music, including Soul, Northern, Disco and Funk, and it had a dedicated 'Oldies' label, 'Contempo Raries', which included some Rock 'n' Roll singles amongst its output. A label respected by Soul fans, Contempo served its audience well, but it only bothered the Singles Chart compilers on three occasions: firstly though a re-release of Tammi Lynn's 'I'm Gonna Run Away From You', on Contempo Raries (CS-9026), which made it into the Top 40 in 1975; and in the following year with two singles on Contempo proper by Dorothy Moore, 'Misty Blue' (CS-2087) a Top 5 hit, and 'Funny How Time Slips Away' (CS-2092), which peaked at No. 38.  At first manufacturing and distribution were by Decca / Selecta, with numbering in a C-0 series. When the company moved to Pye, in 1974, its singles series changed to CS-2000, with a CS-9000 for reissues on Contempo-Raries. In late 1977 WEA took over distribution from Pye; a new, more colourful, label design and sleeve marked the move. The pink sleeve dates from the Decca period; the pink-and-white ones are from the Pye era.  Contempo seems to have expired in the Spring of 1978. John Abbey married American singer Tamiko Jones at the tail-end of the '70s and moved to America, which would explain Contempo's demise. Contempo has an excellent claim to be the the first company to issue a 12" single in Britain, a single split between Ernie Bush ('Breakaway') and Banzai ('Chinese Kung Fu'). Numbered CX-12, the record came out on the 22nd of October 1976.Contempo followed, numbered from CX-13 up. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Major Lance The Right Track CONTEMPO C 1
73 Fabulous Echoes Don'T You Know I Love You CONTEMPO C 2
73 Pitts Richie Every Couple'S Not A Pair CONTEMPO C 3
73 Bob & Earl Harlem Shuffle CONTEMPO CR 4
73 Lee Jackie The Duck CONTEMPO CR 5
73 Oscar Tony Jr Everything I Own CONTEMPO C 6
73 Midinght Movers Follow The Wind CONTEMPO CR 7
73 Thomas Jimmy All God'S Children CONTEMPO C 8
73 Major Lance Ain'T No Soul Left CONTEMPO C 9
73 Gi-Gi Daddy Love CONTEMPO CR 10
73 Fred John & Playboy Band Judy In Disguise CONTEMPO CR 11
73 Young Tommy Everybody'S Got A Little Devil In Their Soul CONTEMPO CR 12
73 African Music Machine Tropical CONTEMPO CR 13
73 Fontella Bass It Sure Is Good CONTEMPO CR 14
73 Little Johnny Taylor As Long As I Don'T Have To See You CONTEMPO CR 15
73 Robinson Roscoe We'Re Losing It Baby CONTEMPO CR 16
73 Williams Bobby Let'S Jam CONTEMPO C 17
73 Henderson Willie Dance Master CONTEMPO C 18
73 Taylor Ted I Want To Be Part Of You Girl CONTEMPO CR 19
73 Williams Johnny Just A Little Missunderstanding CONTEMPO C 20
73 Freddie Mack People CONTEMPO C 21
73 Thomas Jimmy  Young Willing & Able CONTEMPO C 22
73 Young Tommie She Don'T Have To See You CONTEMPO CR 23
73 Oscar Tony Jr Love'S Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down CONTEMPO C 24
73 African Music Machine Never Name A Baby CONTEMPO CR 25
73 Major Lance Dark & Lonely CONTEMPO CR 26
73 Napoleon Hatfield Knees Up Mother Brown CONTEMPO CR 27
73 Ultrafunk Living For The City CONTEMPO CS 2001
73 Oscar Tony Jr Is It Because I'M Back CONTEMPO CS 2002
73 Armada Orchestra Do Me Right CONTEMPO CS 2003
74 Bass Fontella  Now That I'Ve Found A Good Thing CONTEMPO CS 2004
74 Bond Louis Tell Me When CONTEMPO CS 2005
74 Spunky Onion Cookie Man CONTEMPO CS 2006
74 Masai Across The Tracks CONTEMPO CS 2007
74 Montclairs Make Up For Lost Time CONTEMPO CS 2008
74 Barnes J.J. To An Early Grave CONTEMPO CS 2009
74 Exciters A Lover'S Question CONTEMPO CS 2010
74 New Experience I Don'T Want Nobody CONTEMPO CS 2011
74 Brinkley & Parker Don'T Get Fooled By The Pander Man CONTEMPO CS 2012
74 Bliss Melvin Reward CONTEMPO CS 2013
74 Anderson Roshell Know What You'Re Doing When You Leave CONTEMPO CS 2014
74 Soul Potion Circle Full Of Love CONTEMPO CS 2015
74 Not Issued   CONTEMPO CS 2016
74 Major Lance Gimmie Little Sign CONTEMPO CS 2017
74 Oscar Tony Jr The Thrill Is Gone CONTEMPO CS 2018
74 Cymande Brothers On The Slide CONTEMPO CS 2019
74 Ultrafunk Sweet F.A. CONTEMPO CS 2020
74 Knight Gladys & Pips Why Don'T You Leave Me CONTEMPO CS 2021
74 Frazier Joe Try It Again CONTEMPO CS 2022
74 Ultrafunk Kung Fu Man CONTEMPO CS 2023
74 Aramada Orchestra It'S The Same Old Song CONTEMPO CS 2024
74 African Music Machine Mr Brown CONTEMPO CS 2025
74 Sain Oliver Bus Stop CONTEMPO CS 2026
74 Con-Funk-Shun Clique CONTEMPO CS 2027
74 Stormy Monday Boogie Children Let'S Get Down CONTEMPO CS 2028
74 Escorts Disrespect Can Wreck CONTEMPO CS 2029
74 Gentlemen & There Lady Party Bump CONTEMPO CS 2030
74 English Barbara Jean Breaking Up A Happy Home CONTEMPO CS 2031
74 Fontella Bass It'S Hard To Get Back In CONTEMPO CS 2032
74 Exciters Blowing Up My Mind CONTEMPO CS 2033
74 Smith Marvin Let The Good Times Roll CONTEMPO CS 2034
75 Anderson Roshell The Grapevine Will Lie Sometimes CONTEMPO CS 2035
75 Montclairs Hang Up Your Love CONTEMPO CS 2036
75 Duke Doris Grasshopper CONTEMPO CS 2037
75 Gentlemen & There Lady Loose Booty CONTEMPO CS 2038
75 Hill Z.Z. Second Chance CONTEMPO CS 2039
75 Washington Jerry Right Here Is Where You Belong CONTEMPO CS 2040
75 Seventh Wonder For The Good Times CONTEMPO CS 2041
75 Sain Oliver The Double Bump CONTEMPO CS 2042
75 Oscar Tony Jr I'Ve Been Loving You To Long CONTEMPO CS 2043
75 Kelly Roberta Kung Fu'S Back Again CONTEMPO CS 2044
75 Major Lance Don'T You Know I Love You CONTEMPO CS 2045
75 Swamp Dogg Total Destruction CONTEMPO CS 2046
75 Duke Doris A Little Bit Of Lovin' CONTEMPO CS 2047
75 Barnes J.J. Sweet Sherry CONTEMPO CS 2048
75 Con-Funk-Shun Mr. Tambourine Man CONTEMPO CS 2049
75 Gentlemen & There Lady One More Time CONTEMPO CS 2050
75 Armada Orchestra Cochise CONTEMPO CS 2051
75 Seeds Of The Earth Planying Seeds CONTEMPO CS 2052
75 Simtec Simmons Some Other Time CONTEMPO CS 2053
75 Quadrophonics Betcha If You Check It Out CONTEMPO CS 2054
75 Peaches & Herb Down Where It'S At CONTEMPO CS 2055
75 Dillard Moses Theme From Lovejoy CONTEMPO CS 2056
75 Sain Oliver London Express CONTEMPO CS 2057
75 Funkees T00 Lay CONTEMPO CS 2058
75 Dynamic Corvettes Funky Music Is My Thing CONTEMPO CS 2059
75 Bush Ernie Breakaway CONTEMPO CS 2060
75 Dacosta Rita Don'T Bring Me Down CONTEMPO CS 2061
75 English B. J. I'M Livin' A Lie CONTEMPO CS 2062
75 Barnes J.J. Baby Please Come Back CONTEMPO CS 2063
75 Duke Doris Your Best Friend CONTEMPO CS 2064
75 Howeefeel The Devil'S On The Run CONTEMPO CS 2065
75 Walker Family Happy Ending CONTEMPO CS 2066
75 Snooky Sugar Lips CONTEMPO CS 2067
75 Banzaii Chinese Kung Fu CONTEMPO CS 2068
75 Armada Orchestra Feel The Need In Me CONTEMPO CS 2069
75 Bessie Banks Baby You Sure Know How To Get To Me CONTEMPO CS 2070
75 Ultrafunk Sting Your Jaws CONTEMPO CS 2071
75 Patti Drew Mighty O.J. CONTEMPO CS 2072
75 Seeds Of The Earth Phire CONTEMPO CS 2073
75 Leaville Otis I Love You CONTEMPO CS 2074
75 Oscar Tony Jr Chicken Head CONTEMPO CS 2075
75 Third Time Around Soon Everything Gonna Be Alright CONTEMPO CS 2076
75 Sain Oliver She'S A Disco Queen CONTEMPO CS 2077
75 Armada Orchestra Tell Me What You Want CONTEMPO CS 2078
75 Tamiko Jones I'M Spellbound CONTEMPO CS 2079
76 Jones Juggy Inside America CONTEMPO CS 2080
75 Sain Oliver Apricot Splash CONTEMPO CS 2081
75 Boogie Man Orchestra Lady Lady Lady CONTEMPO CS 2082
75 Armada Orchestra Band Of Gold CONTEMPO CS 2083
75 A.J. Gaye Band Moonlight Serenade CONTEMPO CS 2084
75 Mr. Superbad Mr Superbad CONTEMPO CS 2085
75 Sir Mack Rice It Takes One To Know One CONTEMPO CS 2086
76 Moore Dorothy Misty Blue CONTEMPO CS 2087
76 Tamiko Jones Let It Flow CONTEMPO CS 2088
76 Armada Orchestra The Love I Lost CONTEMPO CS 2089
76 Taylor Ted Steal Away CONTEMPO CS 2090
76 Floyd Eddie Paradise CONTEMPO CS 2091
76 Moore Dorothy Funny How Time Slips Away CONTEMPO CS 2092
76 Don High Black Kojack CONTEMPO CS 2093
76 Tamiko Jones Reachin' Out For Your Love CONTEMPO CS 2094
76 James Jimmy River Boat Jenny CONTEMPO CS 2095
76 Byrd Bobby Here For The Party CONTEMPO CS 2096
76 Bell Ruben I Still Have To Say Goodbye CONTEMPO CS 2097
76 Taylor Ted I'M Gonna Hate Myself In The Morning CONTEMPO CS 2098
76 Skip Mohoney Bless My Soul CONTEMPO CS 2099
76 Ultrafunk Gotham City Boogie CONTEMPO CS 2100
76 Floyd Eddie Chi-Town Hustler CONTEMPO CS 2101
76 Spanky & Inner Citizens Golden Gate Getdown CONTEMPO CS 2102
76 King Floyd Body English CONTEMPO CS 2103
76 Dupars Love Cookin' CONTEMPO CS 2104
76 Barnes J.J. The Errol Flynn CONTEMPO CS 2105
76 Alice Street Band Baia CONTEMPO CS 2106
76 Moore Dorothy For Old Time Sake CONTEMPO CS 2107
76 Armada Orchestra Philly Armada CONTEMPO CS 2108
76 Sam & Dave Why Did You Do It CONTEMPO CS 2109
76 Cash Alvin Ali Shuffle CONTEMPO CS 2110
76 Barnes J.J. Sarah Smile CONTEMPO CS 2111
76 Rix Jerry Disco Train CONTEMPO CS 2112
76 Gregory Tony Dance On CONTEMPO CS 2113
76 Williams Joann Maybe Tomorrow CONTEMPO CS 2114
77 Patterson Bobby If We Hadn'T Slipped Up & Got Caught CONTEMPO CS 2115
77 Rice & Beans Orchestra Rice & Beans Theme CONTEMPO CS 2116
77 Major Lance Gimme Little Sign CONTEMPO CS 2117
77 Sain Oliver Boogie CONTEMPO CS 2118
77 Cloud One Atmosphere CONTEMPO CS 2119
77 Whitehead Charlie I Was Dancing When I Fell In Love CONTEMPO CS 2120
77 Mike Conteh Band Jump The Gun CONTEMPO CS 2121
77 Eastbound Expressway Cloudburst CONTEMPO CS 2122
77 Barnes J.J. How Long CONTEMPO CS 2123
77 Sam & Dave We Can Work It Out CONTEMPO CS 2124
77 Rice & Beans Orchestra Disco Dancing CONTEMPO CS 2125
77 Viola Reittowsky You Can Dance CONTEMPO CS 2126
77 Homo Sapiens Til Tomorrow CONTEMPO CS 2127
77 Alo Baba Band Desert Disco CONTEMPO CS 2128
77 Jackson Daniel Hymn For Africa CONTEMPO CS 2129
77 Tamiko Jones Creepin' CONTEMPO CS 2130
77 Tamiko Jones Band Of Gold CONTEMPO CS 2131
77 Slim Ali Sweet Mother CONTEMPO CS 2132
77 Kool & Gang Super Band CONTEMPO CS 1001
77 Crown Hights Affair Dancin' CONTEMPO CS 1002
77 Armada Orchestra Do Me Right  CONTEMPO CS 1003
78 Tex Joe Show Me CONTEMPO CS 8001
78 Willie Tee Walking Up A One Way Street CONTEMPO CS 8002
78 Carter Clarence Patches CONTEMPO CS 8003
78 Barbara Lewis  Baby I'm Yours CONTEMPO CS 8004
78 Darrell Banks  Open The Door To Your Heart CONTEMPO CS 8005

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