A subsidiary of Robert Kingston's RK Records. Contact singles appear to have been aimed at the Disco market; seven of them were released in 1979, but the eighth and last one, a medley of two John Lennon songs, 'Imagine / Give Peace A Chance', by the Pestalozzi International Children's Village Choir, didn't appear until the end of 1981.   Numbering was in the CON-0s; CON-1 came out in red vinyl. Distribution was by Pye / PRT, as it was for the parent company. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Hot Glass C'Est L'Amour CONTACT CON 1
79 Ducane Diane Better Late Then Never CONTACT CON 2
79 Connelly Peggy Nothing Is The Word CONTACT CON 4
79 Allnight Band Lovely Ladies CONTACT CON 5
79 King Laura  Loving Out Of Turn CONTACT CON 6
79 Friday Robinson Keep Off The Grass CONTACT CON 7
81 Pestalozzi Village Choir Imagine CONTACT CON 8

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