Independent label from Lincoln, owned by Chris Hall. Catalogue numbers suggest that Company issued eight records. The first two singles were reissues of DIY singles by Thomas Leer ('Private Plane') and Robert Rental ('Paralysis'), which originally came out on the Oblique and Regular labels respectively. The reissues appeared on the Company / Oblique and Company / Regular labels. Company also handled the first single by The Comsat Angels, which came out on that band's own Junta label. The Cigarettes' 'They're Back Again, Here They Come' single came in red-labelled and black-labelled versions. Company Records Former Address: 1St Floor 2A Clasketgate Lincoln LN2 1AZ. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Thomas Leer Private Plane  COMPANY / OBLIQUE  OBCO 001
78 Robert Rental Paralysis COMPANY / REGULAR RECO 002
79 Wavis O´Shave  Dennis Smokes COMPANY CR 003
79 Not Traced COMPANY CR 004
79 Fatal Charm Paris COMPANY CR 005
79 Not Traced COMPANY CR 006
79 Not Traced COMPANY CR 007
79 Cigarettes They'Re Back Again Here They Come COMPANY CIGCO 008
82 Apocalypse Jive Life COMPANY CR 820911

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