Independent label: Comet Records was owned by Nigel Fletcher and Rob Woodward, founder members of both Stavely Makepeace and Lieutenant Pigeon. It managed at least four singles in 1977 and 1978, one of which was by Trevor East of 'Tiswas' fame. The singles shared a U-6300 numbering series with those of the almost equally obscure Unigram Records, which company was presumably responsible for marketing them. Fletcher and Woodward were based in Coventry, so presumably Comet had its headquarters there. Distribution of the Trevor East record was by Lugton from February 1978, but the '1977' on the single suggests that it may have been available elsewhere earlier.  The discography below lists both Comet and Unigram singles. Aleast three of them Orlake pressings. Lieutenant Pigeon was a British novelty popular music group, originating from Coventry. A spin-off from an experimental music band Stavely Makepeace, it was fronted by Rob Woodward and managed by David Whitehouse. Other members included bassist Stephen Johnson and drummer Nigel Fletcher. The group's sound was dominated by a heavy honky-tonk-style piano played by Woodward's mother, Hilda. Lieutenant Pigeon achieved two UK hits: "Mouldy Old Dough", written by Rob Woodward with bandmate Nigel Fletcher, reached number one in 1972, followed by "Desperate Dan" (number 17 in 1973). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Emile Ford Such A Night UNIGRAM U 6310
77 Oakie Hello Mary Lou COMET U 6311
77 Stavely Makepeace Baby Blue Eyes UNIGRAM U 6312
77 Lieutenant Pigeon Spangles COMET U 6313
77 Not Traced COMET U 6314
77 Not Traced COMET U 6315
77 Not Traced COMET U 6316
77 Not Traced COMET U 6317
77 Not Traced COMET U 6318
78 Jodi Kendall No Man Gonna Tie Down Jodi COMET U 6319
78 Not Traced COMET U 6320
78 Trevor East There´S Always Something Else To Remind Me COMET U 6321

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