Independent label: Coma appears to have been owned by successful songwriters Phil Coulter and Bill Martin; thus the name, from COulter + MArtin.  Considering its owners' track record as writers of hit songs Coma seems to have made surprisingly little impact. All of its singles came out in 1979; there were six of them, numbered in a CUT-000 / CUT-0 series.   Distribution was by Phonodisc, pressing by Phonogram; which accounts for the dull injection-moulded label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Scotch Concentration COMA CUT 001
79 Geraldine Casablanca COMA CUT 002
79 Geraldine Back Street Band COMA CUT 3
79 Scotch Take Me Tonight COMA CUT 4
79 Close Contact Made For Television COMA CUT 5
79 Japanese Toy Confusion COMA CUT 6

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