Independent label: Coma appears to have been owned by successful songwriters Phil Coulter and Bill Martin; thus the name, from COulter + MArtin.  Considering its owners' track record as writers of hit songs Coma seems to have made surprisingly little impact. All of its singles came out in 1979; there were six of them, numbered in a CUT-000 / CUT-0 series.   Distribution was by Phonodisc, pressing by Phonogram; which accounts for the dull injection-moulded label. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Scotch Concentration COMA CUT 001
79 Geraldine Casablanca COMA CUT 002
79 Geraldine Back Street Band COMA CUT 003
79 Scotch Take Me Tonight COMA CUT 4
79 Close Contact Made For Television COMA CUT 5
79 Japanese Toy Confusion COMA CUT 6

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