Independent label: Column One was owned by Country & western star Box Car Willie. In the States it issued records from 1976 to 1980, but over here its output seems to have been far more restricted. The only British Column One single was Box Car Willie's own 'I Love The Sound Of A Whistle' (S-C-1009) which came out in 1978.  As the label indicates, it was distributed by a Scottish company, Big Country Music of Biggar, Lanarkshire.  The single kept its original American catalogue number. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Urel Albert Break One Nine (Help Me Find The Grand Ole 'Opry)  COLUMN ONE SC 1001
77 Not Traced COLUMN ONE SC 1002
77 Not Traced COLUMN ONE SC 1003
77 Boxcar Willie They're Living It Up / I Remember Roy Rogers  COLUMN ONE SC 1004
77 Jeannie Bryant Six String Tennessee Flat Top COLUMN ONE SC 1005
77 Not Traced COLUMN ONE SC 1006
77 Gene McKown / Jim Martin The Kansas City Royals Are On The Go COLUMN ONE SC 1007
77 C. B. Carter Lipstick And Strangers COLUMN ONE SC 1008
79 Box Car Willie I Love The Sound Of A Whistle COLUMN ONE S-C 1009

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