Cobra was a fairly short-lived (1979-80) member of the EMI family, devoted to Punk and New Wave material. It released eight singles, in a COB-0 numerical series, before it expired, the number COB-7 seems not to have been used. The Jeep record is a New Wave version of an old Irish folk song, it had previously been issued on Jeep's own 'Airport' label. Distributed By EMI Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Little Bo Bitch It'S Only Love COBRA COB 1
79 Screen Idols Blind Man COBRA COB 2
79 Craze Motions COBRA COB 3
80 Armando'S Don I'M An Indian Two COBRA COB 4
80 Electric Tunes If This Ain'T Love COBRA COB 5
80 Etoria Tony So Far So Good COBRA COB 6
80 Not Issued   COBRA COB 7
80 Solo'S Talking Pictures COBRA COB 8
80 Jeep Wild Rover COBRA COB 9

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