Independent label CMS Records. The record label of the Church Missionary Society. Unsurprisingly, CMS's output consisted of devotional songs; the few examples have been of a contemporary Folkish nature. The Society seems to have started issuing records at the end of the 1960s, using catalogue numbers in the LIV/SP-0s; the series was one used by Livingston Studios, of Barnet, where the recording was done. A and B sides had consecutive numbers. In 1974 a CMS-0 series was adopted; numbering may well have started at CMS-7, which seems to have been the Society's seventh single. Pressing of the few records has been by Orlake. CMS Records Former Address 157 Waterloo Road London S.E.1. 

74 Glorylanders Zaire Calling CMS CMS 7
75 Glorylanders New Lives For Old CMS CMS 8

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