Independent label: Cloud One label seems to have issued only four singles, all of which were apparently Soul / Disco records licensed from American sources. Catalogue numbers were in a HIT-0 series. The first three issues, at least, came from Babylon Records, of New York: HIT-1 was the Executive Suite's, 'When The Fuel Runs Out', which came out in March 1974; two months later HIT-2, the Chamber of Kommerce's, 'Free To Live' followed it. HIT-3 was another from the Executive Suite, 'You Believed In Me'; Earthquake's version of, 'Friday On My Mind' (HIT-4; 1974) completed the line-up. Produced by DCA Records', Manufacture of those records was by EMI. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Executive Suite When The Fuel Runs Out CLOUD ONE HIT 1
74 Chamber Of Commerce Free To Live CLOUD ONE HIT 2
74 Executive Suite You Believed In Me CLOUD ONE HIT 3
74 Earthquake Friday On My Mind CLOUD ONE HIT 4

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