Independent label: Cloth Cap Enterprises, of Birkenhead.  Cloth Cap Records managed at least a couple of releases, both of them singles.  Norman Thomas's 'Disco Kid' (AR7-022) was made through Amazon Records and has a catalogue number belonging to the series used by that studio.  I would guess that it pre-dates the record shown above, 'I'll Hold Out As Long As I Can' by Young World (CCR-101), which was numbered in Cloth Cap's own CCR-100 series. Both of them came out in 1978. In December 1978 Cloth Cap Enterprises changed its name to the Mike Mingard Organization Ltd, but the renamed company doesn't seem to have put out any more of its own records. Distributed By Cloth Cap Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Young World I'll Hold Out As Long As I Can CLOTH CAP  CCR 101
78 Norman Thomas  Disco Kid  CLOTH CAP  AR7 022S

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