Independent label: from the Punk / New Age years. Clockwork was founded by Edward Ball; it released at least two 7" records: an EP entitled 'The Dry Season', by Dry Rib (COR-01; 5/79), featuring 'Alaska' and two other tracks; and a single, '(There's A) Cloud Over Liverpool', by the Teenage Filmstars (COR-002; 9/79), both of which tend to be filed under 'Post Punk'.  The Teenage Filmstars record appears to have been pressed in France - quite a few small companies had their pressings done there around that time. Dry Rib were a band formed in 1978. Originally they were a 3-piece featuring Rob Vasey on guitar, Mike Mulholland on bass and Andrew Goodwin on drums, based in London. In 1979. Later that year Rob Vasey left the band and the line-up was extended to include Bernie Martin on guitar, Joni Dee Sackett on vocals, Paul Kendall on alto saxophone and Ray Kent on keyboards. Vasey went on to form a band called As Hem Syrup in the early 1980s which was followed by Sinking Sun King a couple of years later. Teenage Filmstars are an English, post punk, independent, psychedelic 1980s-90s band, formed in 1979 by Edward Ball, Daniel Treacy and Joseph Foster. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Dry Rib  Dry Season CLOCKWORK COR 01
79 Teenage Filmstars Cloud Over Liverpool CLOCKWORK COR 02

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