Independent label: Clearwater Microgroove Records It issued singles in an CLW-1000 numerical series. Clearwater appears to have been principally a printing firm, but in or around 1976 it issued a short series of very-extended-play EPs. The claim on the insert of the EP's is that 'The Microgroove process is an innovation on the computer technology involved in translating taped sound into groove patterns. This perfected process enables the contents of a 12" L.P. to be produced on a 7" record' which may be played on any conventional gramophone turntable, without loss of quality. This technique (the result of long research) produces discs which cost less, weigh less and make a lot more things possible. Microgroove is a product of Clearwater International Ltd. Borehamwood Herts. Give the potential saving on space between a collection of 500 LPs and 500 EPs, you would wonder why Microgroove never caught on; but, as the rarity of Clearwater records indicates, it didn't. Pressing was by Polydor. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Albertino And The High Flight Drive-In Show Albertino Presenteerd High Flight Music Explosion  CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1001
76 Albertino And The High Flight Drive-In Show Rock And Roll Jamboree CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1002
76 Neil Williams The Neil Williams Collection CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1003
76 Various Artists Gone… But Not Forgotten CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1005
76 Cockatoos Nice And Easy CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1006
76 Various Artists Bob Dylan Tribute CLEARWATER MICROGROOVE CLW 1007

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