Clanrye Records was a DIY label from Northern Ireland. It managed at least one single by the Long Kesh Ramblers. It issued singles in an CLF-1000 numerical series. recorded in Dublin and released in 1974.  The Ramblers evolved into Crubeen and made further recordings for EMI Ireland and CBS. The Longkesh Ramblers was a 1970s Irish folk band from Northern Ireland. They recorded and produced all their material in Dublin. Clanrye Records was a self made record label. Line up was Billy Fegan: tin whistle, Harmonica and Vocal Eddie Ruddy: Flute, Whistle, and Concertina Barney Gribben: Banjo, mandolin, Concertina and Harmonica Tommy Hollywood: Guitar, mandolin and Vocal Rory O'Connor: Guitar and Vocal Benny McKay: bodhran and Vocal. Distributed By Clanrye Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Long Kesh Ramblers My Home Town CLANRYE CLF 1001

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