Independent Irish label: Claddagh Records is a record label which was founded in 1959 by Garech Browne and Ivor Browne. It specialises in Irish traditional music and spoken word. Claddagh was managed for a period by Chieftains leader Paddy Moloney. Distributed By EMI Records.

66 Leo Rowsome Piper's Choice CLADDAGH CCE 1
66 Helena Molony Rebel Irishwomen CLADDAGH CCE 2
73 The Chieftains  The Morning Dew  CLADDAGH CCE 3
73 The Chieftains  Mna Na Heireann (Women Of Ireland)  CLADDAGH CCE 4
79 The Chieftains  Boil The Breakfast Early (Scotch Mary, Chicago Reel)  CLADDAGH CCS 1
80 The Chieftains  A French Carol / Christmas Eve CLADDAGH CCS 2
81 The Chieftains  Cotton-Eye Joe CLADDAGH CCS 3

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