CJW Records is one of those cases where a label lacks any sort of identification and I've had to list it under its catalogue prefix.  CJW appears to have been responsible for just the one record, an EP called 'Craftsman's Art & Music's Measure' by the Choir of Hexham Abbey under musical director Terence Atkinson.  It was made in order to raise funds for the renovation of the abbey's organ.  Tracks on the EP were of a suitably devotional nature: 'Angel Voices Ever Singing', 'Behold The Tabernacle Of God', 'God Is Gone Up With A Merry Noise', 'Hide Not Thy Face From Us O Lord', 'Rejoice In The Lord Alway' (sic), and 'The Duteous Day Now Closeth'.  Manufacture was by Pye, the year of issue was probably 1971 - according to the picture cover the tracks were recorded in July of that year - and the catalogue number was CJW-100. Distributed By CJW Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Choir of Hexham Abbey Craftsman's Art & Music's Measure CJW CJW 100

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