Independent label: A custom recording label, from Scratby, Great Yarmouth. City Music was owned and run by Tony Palmer. As far as the '70s are concerned, it seems to have issued records from c.1969 to c.1973; in or around 1973 it dropped the 'Music' and become just plain 'City'.  It went on to put out several more records in the mid to late '80s.  The blue label looks to have been the commonest design, and it was maintained into the 'City' era.  Initially numbering appears to have been generally in the EPC / CMSTP / CMSP-70Y0s, with the 'Y' showing how many records had been made so far.  It may be that the '70' referred to the year of release, as the catalogue numbers of subsequent issues did, though the very first record made - EPC-7010 - has a copyight date of 1969 on the label.  From 1971 numbers took the form 'XX0Y', with XX being the year and Y the number of records issued in that year; thus CMSP-7202 was the second record made in 1972.  There were two prefixes for EPs, CMEP and CMEPC; the 'C' at the end of the latter may indicate 'Country', as the records with that prefix are both in that genre.  The gaps in the discography below hint that there should be several other City Music records out there, but not many of them seem to have strayed far from Great Yarmouth.  The Singing Postman had previously enjoyed a fair amount of popularity as a recording artist for Parlophone.  He went on to record for Gemini, as did Jim West & The Texans, which suggests that there may have been lines of communication between that company and City Music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

70 Ray Stratton Fox And The Goose CITY MUSIC  EPC 7010
70 The Singing Postman Thass Only Me CITY MUSIC  CMSTP 7050
70 Ken Saul Warm Summer Rain CITY MUSIC  CMSTP 7070
70 The Singing Postman Foxhunt CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7090
71 Not Traced CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7101
71 Ray Stratton My Rose Of Tennesse CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7102
71 Jim West & Texans I Started Loving You Again CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7103
72 Falcon Mike  Who Am I CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7201
72 Gerry Welsh Both Sides Now CITY MUSIC  CMSP 7202
73 Tony Gray Route 66 CITY  CMEPC 7301
73 New Westernaires On The Road CITY CMEPC 7302

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