Independent label: Cinedisc Records It managed one single, a one-sided slightly-extended-play record featuring excerpts from five singles by Rufus ('Stop On By'), Susan Mallen ('Going Rowing'), Ace ('I Ain't Gonna Stand For This No More'), The Tams ('Hey Girl Don't Bother Me') and Demis Roussos, linked by disc jockey Simon Prebble. The 'B' side has a white label and a tone signal; it also has a separate matrix number, LYN-2503. It issued singles in an Lyntone numerical series. Cinedisc was a subsidiary of Pearl & Dean, the cinema advertising group. the intention was to provide tapes of new records, complete with a DJ's introduction, to be played during intervals. Cinedisc had closed only four months after its launch. Management cited "Continual losses and the 'wait and see' attitude of some of the majors. Distributed By Cinedisc Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info

75 Rufus; Susan Mellen, Ace, The Tams; Demis Roussos Cinedisc Record Promotions CINEDISC LYN 3083 / LYN 2503

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