Ciba Laboratories Records is obviously not a record label in the traditional sense; this is rather a catch-all for all audio materials produced and created by the pharmaceutical firm CIBA, from Horsham. CIBA issued a series of six fifteen-minute lectures in a 'Postgraduate Educational Series' from 1971 to 1973. 'The Management Of Hypertension' (SLE-49; 1971) by Dr. R. L. Parsons was the first and Tim Brinton's 'New Perspective In Beta Blockade' (ECW-1004; 1973). Pressing was by EMI, and the catalogue numbers were taken from two of the series which EMI used for custom pressings. Another lecture, apparently not part of the Postgraduate Educational Series, followed in 1976.  It dealt with 'The Changing Approach To Clinical Depression', was numbered CIB-1. Pressing, again, was by EMI. It issued singles in an CIB-0 and ECW-1000 numerical series. CIB 1 was a General practice advice record to prescribers of anti-depressant tablet Ludiomil. Ludiomil was discontinued due to numerous side effects. Distributed By Ciba Laboratories Records.

76 Ciba Laboratories The Changing Approach To The Management Of Depression CIBA CIB 1
75 Dr P Fowler Which patients need a diuretic CIBA LABORATORIES ECW 1001
75 Thames Television The World At War THAMES TELEVISION ECW 1003
75 Tim Brinton  New Perspectives In Beta-Blockade CIBA LABORATORIES ECW 1004
71 Dr. R. L. Parsons  The Management Of Hypertension  CIBA LABORATORIES SLE 49

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