Chrysalis was the brainchild of managers / promoters Chris Wright and Terry Ellis, partners in the Ellis Wright agency.  Late in the '60s they agreed a licensing deal with Island for their clients; the agreement stated that if the pair achieved a certain number of hits within a set period they would be given their own label. The hits duly arrived, and Chrysalis was born. It went on to become one of the most successful, and most respected, of the independent record companies. Chrysalis appeared to go in for 'grown up' music - such as that of Jethro Tull - rather than for Pop, but it still produced a string of hit singles in the '70s, notably with Leo Sayer and Blondie. The company used three different kinds of label in the '70s, with some minor variations. The familiar green-and-red type was initially pressed by Polydor and had either a three-pronged push-out centre or a large central hole; these singles shared Island's WIP-6000 numbering system. The white 'Manufactured and distributed by Island Records' at the top remained for a short while after the company turned to EMI for manufacture and numbering changed to a dedicated CHS-2000 series, in 1972, but it had disappeared by the time CHS-2007 came out. A set of prohibitions at the top appeared in August 1975; for the first three releases they were coloured black but they very soon turned red, and stayed that way while the green label lasted.  Demo copies were signified by a black 'A' .  When Phonogram / Phonodisc took over manufacture and distribution from EMI a standard Phonogram injection-moulded-type label came in; at first it was green, but latterly it turned blue.  Contract pressings of popular singles had blue-and-white paper labels. Presumably in imitation of Island's plain pink sleeve, green-labelled Chrysalis singles were given a plain pale-green one, which gained a logo and turned blue during the Phonogram era. The CHS-2000 numbering remained unchanged during the transition from EMI to Phonodisc. That series was shared by singles on the Scratchy and Air labels.  As usual, the discography is gappy, many of the gaps is down to the numbers being used for overseas releases.  pressing of the CHS singles was done by either EMI or Phonodisc.  Wright bought out Ellis in 1985; he sold Chrysalis Records to EMI in 1991 but retained the publishing arm, Chrysalis Music. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

69 Tull Jethro Sweet Dream CHRYSALIS WIP 6070
70 Tull Jethro Witches Promise CHRYSALIS WIP 6077
70 Blodwyn Pig Same Old Story CHRYSALIS WIP 6078
70 Tull Jethro Inside CHRYSALIS WIP 6081
70 Tir Na Nog IM Happy To Be CHRYSALIS WIP 6090
70 Bronco Lazy Now CHRYSALIS WIP 6096
71 Tull Jethro Lick Your Fingers Clean CHRYSALIS WIP 6098
71 Tull Jethro Life Is A Long Song CHRYSALIS WIP 6106
73 Bedlam I Believe In You (Fire In My Body) CHRYSALIS CFB 1
75 Mandalaband  Om Mani Padme Hum (1St Movement)  CHRYSALIS CDJ  101
75 Rory Gallagher Souped Up Ford CHRYSALIS CDJ  102
76 The Babys If You'Ve Got The Time CHRYSALIS CXP 1
76 Jethro Tull Ring Out, Solstice Bells CHRYSALIS CXP 2
76 Not Traced CHRYSALIS CXP 3
77 Gentle Giant Playing The Fool  CHRYSALIS CXP 4

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