Independent label: Christy seems to have operated from 1978 to 1980. It issued several singles by a Rock group called Mainland, and followed them with an LP, 'Exposure' (ACML-0200; 1979).  Punk / New Wave band the Night Pilots added a now-collectable single, 'Dancing With Myself' (CML-0107; 11/79); the last Christy single 'Walk On By', by Don Estelle (DON-1), which came out in September 1980. Distribution was by Selecta in the '70s, though by the time of the Don Estelle single Spartan had taken over. One of the Mainland singles has the catalogue number CYS-1050 and was distributed by Pye; the CYS-1000s were used by Charly Records, so it looks as though the people at Charly picked the single up, put it out among their own releases, and gave it more of a push than it might otherwise have had - some copies were released in picture-disc form.  Christy singles were usually numbered in the CML-0100s. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Not Issued CHRISTY CML 0101
78 Not Issued CHRISTY CML 0102
78 Not Issued CHRISTY CML 0103
78 Mainland Who Do You Love CHRISTY CML 0104
79 Mainland No Money CHRISTY CML 0105
79 Gary Dors  Dreamer CHRISTY CML 0106
79 Night Pilots Dancing With Myself CHRISTY CML 0107
79 Not Traced CHRISTY CML 0108
79 Not Traced CHRISTY CML 0109
80 David Prowse & Green Cross Kids Green Cress Code Song CHRISTY CML 0110
79 Mainland By Your Side CHRISTY CYS 1050
80 Don Estelle  Walk On By CHRISTY DON 1

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