Independent label: Chopper Records. It seems to have put out records in a wide range of styles, from the Country of Kelvin Henderson to a solo LP by ex-Curved Air singer Sonja Kristina. None of its singles appear to have sold in any great quantity, although the 45s's 'Couldn't Believe A Word' was awarded Single of the Week status on Radio One. The Chopper label came in two colours, an early yellow one and later white one; the basic design remained the same. Distribution was initially by Selecta, and latterly by RCA. Singles came in a CHOP-0 numerical series in the Selecta era (though the 45s single was numbered CHEAP-45); the move to RCA brought about a change, to CHOP-100, and the return of the yellow label. The company operated from 1979 into the early '80s. Chopper Records Former Address: 9-11 Richmond Buildings Dean Street London W1V 5AH. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Tnt Heart To Heart CHOPPER CHOP 1
79 Henderson Kelvin Sunday School To Broadway CHOPPER CHOP 2
79 Raines Ian With Just A Piano And A Song CHOPPER CHOP 3
79 Kristofferson Lee Lady Love CHOPPER CHOP 4
79 Boulevard Magic Man CHOPPER CHOP 5
79 Not Issued CHOPPER CHOP 6
79 Not Issued CHOPPER CHOP 7
79 Not Issued CHOPPER CHOP 8
79 Soho I Wanna Thank You CHOPPER CHOP 10
79 Moore Mickey Sick & Tired Of All This Disco Music CHOPPER CHOP 11
79 45'S I Couldn'T Believe A Word CHOPPER CHEAP 45
80 Kristina Sonja St Tropez CHOPPER CHOP 101
80 Soho Chrildren Of The Night CHOPPER CHOP 102
80 Studio Band Paper Money CHOPPER CHOP 103
81 J J Barrie No Charge CHOPPER CHOP 104

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