This is one of those occasions when all I can do is note the existence of a record. Ellen Kaye (vocals, organ), Eddy Kaye (organ, piano, accordion), Sharron Kaye (clarinet, alto, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, bass, vibraphone, vocals), Adrian Kaye (percussion, guitar) were from South Wales.  They worked the Club / Cabaret circuit and released a couple of self-financed albums on the Hira (Hirra?) label: 'The Kaye Family Album' (HL-8536) in 1972, and 'The Kaye Family - Live' (HLS-207831) in 1974. The EP was made by the family and was presumably sent around to the managers of various clubs as a marketing tool, to let them hear what their act was like - there are snippets of several tracks on it, linked together with descriptions of the show.  It seems reasonable to guess that it was recorded in the early '70s, and probably in South Wales. It would seem that the 'CHL-20000' numbering belonged to the studio where the recording was made, but, sadly, there's no clue as to what the name of that studio was.  For the purposes of giving it a page on the site, I've called it 'CHL'.  If anybody knows of a studio with those initials in South Wales (or indeed anywhere else), or can supply any other information, I'd be delighted to hear from them.  The high matrix number suggests that there should be lots of other CHL-prefixed records out there. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 The Kaye Family A Free Audition By The Kaye Family  CHL CHL 28690

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