Independent Record label of the Chipping Norton recording studio, from the town of that name in the Cotswolds. The studio had a long and honourable history, and is still going today; the record label was, in contrast, a fleeting affair. It released six singles and at least one album, 'Hot To Trot' by the Olympic Runners (NORT-1) in 1976-77, none of which troubled the scorers; the Runners, however, went on to have several hits after leaving the company. Numbering was in the CHIP-0s, and distribution was by Transatlantic; the first two singles were pressed by Pye and had paper labels, while the next two were injection-moulded Phonogram pressings. The birds and the hares decorating the logo are all but lost on the injection-moulded version. The label made a brief comeback in 1981, with a different design, adding at least two more singles to its catalogue: Pete Wingfield's, 'Too Much Of A Good Thing' (CHIP-5) and 'Another Night' by Bernie & The Mysterons (CHIP-6).  This time around Pinnacle were the distributors. Presumably in the interim the studio concentrated on recording songs rather than issuing them. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

76 Command Decision Swahili CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 1
76 Chants [ Uk ] I'Ve Been Trying CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 2
77 Olimpic Runners Personal Thing CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 3
77 Olimpic Runners Love On My Mind CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 4
81 Wingfeild Pete They All Come Back CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 5
81 Bernie And The Mysterons Another Night ( Of Front Seat Love ) CHIPPING NORTON CHIP 6

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