Independent label: Chestnut Records was a Studios label. It managed at least one single. It issued singles in an NUT-0 numerical series. Truffle was a British NWOBHM band from Portsmouth formed in 1979, now disbanded. Band Members: Bass, Vocals Russ Horton, Drums Peter Patterson, Guitar John Dunning, Keyboards Paul, Lead Guitar Ritchie Stopforth. Distributed By Chestnut Records.

79 Starchase Twenty Flight Rock  CHESTNUT NUT 1
79 Penthouse Dance Band Sounds Of The Penthouse Dance Band ‎(Album) CHESTNUT NUT 2
79 Not Traced CHESTNUT NUT 3
79 Tumbling Dice Thing Called Love CHESTNUT NUT 4
81 Hipnosis Shaping Up (12")   CHESTNUT NUT 5
81 Truffle Round Tower  CHESTNUT NUT 6

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