Independent label: Cherub Records was a short-lived and very obscure subsidiary of Billy Gaff's GM label. Manufacture and distribution were by Phonogram/Phonodisc, as they were for the parent company. Cherub appears to have been slightly more Pop-orientated than GM. Television personality Keith Chegwin had two singles out on Cherub: 'I'll Take You Back Again' (CHUBS-002; 6/73), and 'Tomasina' (CHUBS-004; 9/73). Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 Butterfly Simon Rain Rain Rain CHERUB CHUBS 001
73 Chegwin Keith I'Ll Take You Back Again CHERUB CHUBS 002
73 Wade B D Don'T Go Rolling CHERUB CHUBS 003
73 Chegwin Keith Tomasina CHERUB CHUBS 004

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