Chart Records was the bands Own Diy Record Label, But With A Pennine Records Catolouge Number PSS 162. Pennine was the label of the Pennine recording studio, which was located in Oldham. The company seems to have specialised in custom recordings: they have that typical combination of high catalogue numbers, obscurity and variety.  The label seems to have been in operation from 1977 to 1982.  Its singles and EPs were numbered in a PSS-100 (later a PS-7100) series; its LPs shared the same series without the '7'.  PSS-131 suggests that the numbers may have started there.  Apart from the fact that it made the first record by Joy Division, 'An Ideal For Living' (PSS-139; 1978), which came out on the Enigma label, Pennine's main claim to fame was that it was responsible for 'Where Are All The Nice Girls' by New Wave band Any Trouble (PSS-7165).  The band was later signed by Stiff Records, who reissued the single. Other singles of possible New Wave interest, such as So Feww's, 'I'm Not Automatic' (PSS-7179; 1981) were surrounded in the catalogue by albums by Folk and Cabaret artists, such as Hindle Wakes and Tony Vince. Incidentally, I hadn't thought that publishers' stamps were still being used as late as 1980. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

77 Jonathen Young Manchester Morning PENNINE  PSS 131
77 Ritchie Darren Boni Maroni PENNINE  PSS 132
77 Not Traced PENNINE  PSS 133
77 Septimus Ferrets PENNINE  PSS 134
77 Tony Vince Music Was My First Song (Album) PENNINE  PSS 135
77 Spider Back To The Wall PENNINE  PSS 136
78 Norman Jay And Vintage One Fine Day PENNINE  PSS 137
78 Bullet Don'T Go PENNINE  PSS 138
78 Joy Division An Ideal For Living ENIGMA  PSS 139
78 Fossil Black Night PENNINE  PSS 140
78 Pip Collins Pipped At The Post (Album) PENNINE  PSS 141 LP
78 Sweet Illusion I Can See Clearly PENNINE  PSS 142
78 Glendales Morgan  PENNINE  PSS 143
78 White Rock White Rock (Album) PENNINE  PSS 144 LP
78 Pat's Partners Country Side Of PENNINE  PSS 145
78 Leigh Stirling Piano Man PENNINE  PSS 146
78 Gammer Market Place PENNINE  PSS 147
78 Various Artists A Saddleworth Christmas (Album) PENNINE  PSS 148 LP
78 Hindle Wakes Live At The Cross Keys (Album) PENNINE  PSS 149 LP
78 Stymulators If You Gotta Make A Fool PENNINE  PSS 150
78 Alva Ja Tik Butu (Album) PENNINE  PSS 151 LP
78 Eamonn Mcgirr Dog Rough Dan PENNINE  PSS 152
78 Tickawinda Rosemary Lane (Album) PENNINE  PSS 153 LP
78 One Eyed Jack  Take Away (Album) PENNINE  PSS 154 LP
79 Dobcross Band Crossover (Album) PENNINE  PSS 155 LP
79 Norman Dean Ghost Riders PENNINE  PSS 156
79 Inspiration Don'T Take Away The Music PENNINE  PSS 157
79 Not Traced PENNINE  PSS 158
79 Eamonn Mcgirr I'M Yer Wee Man (Album) PENNINE  PSS 159 LP
79 Jennifer Mckenzie Jennifer Mckenzie Sings And Plays PENNINE  PSS 160
79 Spurley Hey Wind Band Kaleidoscope (Album) PENNINE  PSS 161 LP
79 The Katchies  Shambles  CHART PSS 162

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