Independent label: The Charly label first saw the light of day in France, in 1974; it was brought into existence by promoter Jean-Luc Young. A move to England followed, in 1975.  Charly issued some modern product, but in the main it concentrated on reissuing classic R'n'B / Rock 'n' Roll tracks, notably from the stables of Sun and Vee-Jay. A few items actually came out on the Sun label. One of the few labels to have all the information on one side of the disc and a picture on the other. Charly had an unexpected hit with a reissue of an obscure Rock 'n' Roll single, Hank Mizell's 'Jungle Rock'; some copies of which bore a more commonplace label. By early 1980 the different-label-on-each-side design had been replaced by a more straightforward one, the new design seems to have made at least one previous appearance, in 1978, on CYS-1039, At least one single was given its own particular design, Charly lasted into the '90s.  It had a specialist label for Jazz, 'Affinity'.   For the first year-and-a-bit of its life Charly was a member of the President family, and its records were distributed by Lugton / H. R. Taylor. Numbering was in the CS-1000s. Lugton and Pye were joint distributors from the start of 1977; the catalogue prefix changed from CS to CYS, but the numbering remained unchanged. Spartan took over distribution at the end of the decade. From 1977 Charly obtained the rights to product from the Sun label. And as a result several singles appeared on Sun with Charly catalogue numbers.  A solitary single on Christy Records also borrowed a number - CYS-1050 - from the main Charly Series. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Riley Jeannie C Harper Valley P T A CHARLY CS 1001
75 Robinson Alvin Down Home Girl CHARLY CS 1002
76 Wilkins David Put A Little Loving On Me CHARLY CS 1003
76 Powell Roy & Shiver Givers Whoops A Daisy Maisie CHARLY CS 1004
76 Mizell Hank Jungle Rock CHARLY CS 1005
76 Smith Warren Red Cadillac & A Black Mustache CHARLY CS 1006
76 Barnes Sidney I Hurt On The Other Side CHARLY CS 1007
76 Riley Billy Lee Flying Saucer Rock & Roll CHARLY CS 1008
76 Shangri-Las Leader Of The Pack [Re-Issue] CHARLY CS 1009
76 Crazy Cavan 'N' Rhythm Rockers Knock Knock CHARLY CS 1010
76 Mizell Hank Kangaroo Rock CHARLY CS 1011
76 Yardbirds For Your Love CHARLY CS 1012
76 Mann Carl Ubangi Stomp CHARLY CS 1013
76 Perkins Carl Blue Suede Shoes CHARLY CS 1014
76 Rich Charlie Whirlwind CHARLY CS 1015
76 Screamin' Lord Sutch Jack The Ripper CHARLY CS 1016
76 Cubs Do You Love Your Teddy Bear CHARLY CS 1017
76 Groucho Old Days CHARLY CS 1018
76 Mizell Hank Rakin' & Scrapin' CHARLY CS 1019
76 Downliners Sect Little Egypy CHARLY CS 1020
76 Crazy Cavan 'N' Rhythm Rockers Sweet Little Pretty Thing CHARLY CS 1021
77 Lee Curtis Pretty Little Angel Eyes CHARLY CS 1022
77 Lewis Jerry Lee Old Black Joe CHARLY CS 1023
77 Newman Jimmy C Alligator Man CHARLY CS 1024
77 Hart Rod C B Savage CHARLY CS 1025
77 Crazy Cavan 'N' Rhythm Rockers My Little Sister'S Gotta Motorbike CHARLY CS 1026
77 Little Richard Lucille CHARLY CYS 1027
77 Jerry Lee Lewis Great Balls Of Fire CHARLY CYS 1028
77 Rod Hart Arizona Flash And Cloudy CHARLY CYS 1029
77 ? Don'T Cry For Christmas SUN CYS 1030
77 Chris Farlowe Only Woman Bleed CHARLY CYS 1031
78 Legendary Lonnie Wine Glass Rock CHARLY CYS 1032
78 Exile The Real People CHARLY CYS 1033
78 Rockabilly Raiders Hurricane Rock SUN CYS 1034
78 Trade Winds New York'S A Lonely Town CHARLY CYS 1035
78 Softies Suicide Pilot CHARLY CYS 1036
78 Sleepy Labeef Good Rockin' Boogie CHARLY CYS 1037
78 Mann Carl Till I Waltz Again With You CHARLY CYS 1038
78 Steppin' Out Who'S To Know CHARLY CYS 1039
78 Mizell Hank Jungle Rock CHARLY CYS 1040
78 Ad Libs The Boy From New York City CHARLY CYS 1041
78 Lewis Jerry Lee Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On CHARLY CYS 1042
78 Lee Curtis Pretty Little Angel Eyes CHARLY CYS 1043
78 Hotfoot Gale Washin' Machine Boogie CHARLY CYS 1044
78 Freddie "Fingers" Lee One Eyed Boogie Boy CHARLY CYS 1045
78 Jerry Lee Lewis & Friends Save The Last Dance For Me SUN CYS 1046
79 Softies Killing Time CHARLY CYS 1047
79 Jerry Lee Lewis Hello Josephine CHARLY CYS 1048
79 Sleepy Labeef Roll Over Beethoven CHARLY CYS 1049
79 Mainland By Your Side CHRISTY CYS 1050
79 Rita Remington Chattanooga Choo Choo CHARLY CYS 1051
79 Johnny Cash Mean Eyed Cat CHARLY CYS 1052
79 Freddie Finger'S Lee One Eyed Boogie Boy CHARLY CYS 1053
79 Hank Mizell Burning Eyes CHARLY CYS 1054
79 Here & Now End Of The Beginning CHARLY CYS 1055
79 New York Gong Much Too Old CHARLY CYS 1056
79 Hank Mizell Burning Eyes CHARLY CYS 1057
79 Radio Actors Nuclear Waste CHARLY CYS 1058
79 Freddie'Fingers' Lee White Christmas CHARLY CYS 1059
79 Orion Honey SUN CYS 1060
79 Sex Beatles Will You Never CHARLY CYS 1061
80 Wills Viola Love Letter CHARLY CYS 1062
80 Taylor Dave Cadilac Car CHARLY CYS 1063
80 Major B Laser Next To You CHARLY CYS 1064
80 Not Traced CHARLY CYS 1065
80 The Mice A Song For Europe CHARLY CYS 1066
80 Rockin' Louie It Will Stand CHARLY CYS 1067
80 Johnny And The Jailbirds  Zoom Zoom  CHARLY CYS 1068
80 Orion Washing Machine SUN CYS 1069
80 The Deltones  Early Morning Rock CHARLY CYS 1070
80 Johnny & Jailbirds Stay Away CHARLY CYS 1071
80 The Blue Cats I'M Gonna Die CHARLY CYS 1072
80 Not Traced CHARLY CYS 1073
81 Matchbox Please Don'T Touch CHARLY CYS 1074
81 Blue Cats Wild Night CHARLY CYS 1075
81 Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers Rockabilly Rules Ok CHARLY CYS 1076
81 The Spaniels  Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight CHARLY CYS 1077
81 Maurice Mccormick And Maggi 15 Minutes CHARLY CYS 1078
76 Dixie Cups Dixie Cups Ep CHARLY CEP 100
76 Rufus Thomas Bear Cat CHARLY CEP 101
76 Johnny Adams Reconsider Me CHARLY CEP 102
76 Sonny Burgess We Wanna Boogie CHARLY CEP 103
76 Junior Parker Junior Parker Ep CHARLY CEP 104
76 Jerry Lee Lewis Jerry Lee Lewis Ep CHARLY CEP 105
76 Carl Perkins Carl Perkins Ep CHARLY CEP 106
76 Charlie Rich Whirlwind CHARLY CEP 107
76 Johnny Cash Ballad Of A Teenage Queen CHARLY CEP 108
76 The Shangri-Las Remember (Walking In The Sand) CHARLY CEP 109
76 The Yardbirds Still I'M Sad CHARLY CEP 110
76 Roy Orbison Roy Orbison Ep CHARLY CEP 111
77 Billy Lee Riley Red Hot CHARLY CEP 112
77 Warren Smith Rock And Roll Ruby CHARLY CEP 113
77 Carl Mann Mona Lisa CHARLY CEP 114
77 Hank Mizell Higher CHARLY CEP 115
77 Charlie Feathers Gone Gone Gone CHARLY CEP 116
77 Bees Make Honey Sylvie CHARLY CEP 117
77 Crazy Cavan 'N' The Rhythm Rockers Boppin' 'N' Shakin' CHARLY CEP 118
77 Downliners Sect I Want My Baby Back CHARLY CEP 119
78 Perkins Carl Put Your Cat Clothes On CHARLY CEP 120
79 Flying Saucers The Ballad Of Johnny Reb CHARLY CEP 121
79 Here And Now A Dog In Hell [ Ep ] CHARLY CEP 122
82 Sleepy Labeef Tore Up CHARLY CEP 123
82 Th' Lone Groover The Abasement Tapes CHARLY CEP 124

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